Saturday, September 5, 2009

Editorial: Keep 'Em Home ... no, really

You can still do regional/local content and national issues in editorial cartoons if the stupidity extends all the way up here to Alaska.
Case in point being the mounting hysteria over Obama's indoctrination of our children this upcoming Tuesday.
Oh, hey - I have class that morning: maybe we'll draw caricatures of our president in the finest, patriotic tradition of upholding our constitutional liberties.
"No one's born being good at things, you become good at things through hard work. You're not a varsity athlete the first time you play a new sport. You don't hit every note the first time you sing a song. You've got to practice. It's the same with your schoolwork. You might have to do a math problem a few times before you get it right, or read something a few times before you understand it, or do a few drafts of a paper before it's good enough to hand in." - President Obama

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