Sunday, September 27, 2009

Deviant Heterosexuals

“We’re here to help.” - Karl W. Sapp, Campus Bible Ministries
"We must have great respect for these people who also suffer and who want to find their own way of correct living." - Pope Benedict XVI
"I'm not knocking the poor homosexual, I'm not. They need salvation just like anybody else." - Rev. Jimmy Swaggart
"All homosexuals should be castrated." - Rev. Billy Graham

"If you got to castrate your miserable self with a piece of rusty barb wire, do it." - Pastor Fred Phelps, Westboro Baptist Church
Edward Delgado is a self-proclaimed “ex-gay” evangelist preaching "reparative therapy" as an evangelical back-door to Jesus, and courtesy of Campus Bible Ministries, gave a series of talks on his experiences. Leaving aside the obvious and wistfully sadomasochistic undertones of the title of Delgado's speech - “From Sin’s Bondage to Christ’s Freedom,” his recent visit to UAF flipped over a few rocks as far as creating controversy and prompting community outrage. And as evidenced by the still-active comment thread over at the News-Miner's website, the issue is still flaming away. Nothing riles up the bigots in Fairbanks or Alaska like any mention about homosexuals (except perhaps Native Alaskans). And few things fail to piss me off more than reading about it.

Delgado was quoted saying "the homosexual lifestyle leads to promiscuity, abuse, alcoholism and drug abuse" and that “The things that I speak are not a lie..."

Well, Ed, let me plainly state it for you here: you are a liar.

Fact is, the vast, overwhelming number of promiscuous, diseased, abusive drug-addicted alcoholics (some of the darned nicest folks you'd ever ask for as friends I might add) are heterosexuals. You know, the very same people who keep constantly screwing up marriage; that righteous bastion of American moral purity, the sacred institution threatened with destruction by same-sex unions.

Never got around to hearing any of Delgado's speeches, or a chance to confront the guy with his hypocrisy in that if he really wants to help people, why not provide information that covers the full spectrum of his issue - like maybe including the damage it does. Fortunately there are lots of resources on campus and in town, and better folks (and more diplomatic) than I rose to the occasion to counter Campus Bible Ministries' message of intolerance.
But when all's said and done, I'm left using the tools that I have been blessed with, lobbing poo from the sidelines. So I went home and drew about it; just submitted the above panel to the newspaper (*update: will be running next day or two in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner), and shall also drop off a copy to the campus rag on Tuesday, see if anybody bites. Damn good thing the UAF Chancellor really believes that "tolerance of opposing views and freedom of speech are at the core of the campus’ values," because I'm sure the cartoon'll put that warm and fuzzy inclusiveness to the test.

"Indeed, Miss Manners has come to believe that the basic political division in this country is not between liberals and conservatives but between those who believe that they should have a say in the love lives of strangers and those who do not." - Miss Manners Rescues Civilization

"Dear Abby: [upset because a gay couple has just moved in across the street.] How can we improve the quality of the neighbourhood?" "You could move." - Abigail van Buren

"Every time you see a rainbow, it means God's having gay sex" - bumpersticker

"Time to get Homer-erotic!" - Homer Simpson

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