Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day + Solstice!

Nostalgia post: scanned from the only surviving photocopy, this is one of the first batch of cartoons I started drawing while still in highschool during the early 80's.

And seeing as how it's also the summer solstice, which for many folks up here is probably the biggest excuse to party, here's a panel that I actually drew last year, but it didn't run as the placement in the paper didn't pan out (on of the few that color is a crucial aspect). I remember having to visit the archives to double-check the exact amount of daylight we technically lose, wet blanket that I am. The flip side of being the only depressed person in Interior Alaska for summer solstice is that I'm perversely delighted (momentarily) at the equivalent gain in daylight for the winter solstice. Which for this pagan barbarian is the single-most important symbolic observation, especially since the birthdays are getting more and more, eh, irrelevant.
Length Of Visible Light:24h 00m
Length of Day
21h 49m
Tomorrow will be 0m 35s shorter.

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