Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Field Trippin' - Alaskaland

No art, just artists working: handful of snapshots from the drawing class' outing: we wandered around Alaskaland (or, depending on how long you've lived in Fairbanks, Pioneer Park) on an awesome day, doing reference sketches for possible panels/pages in the next critique piece.

Lots of historical sites have been transplanted here in an attempt to recreate the frontier feeling of the gold rush days. Herds of migrating tourists and teenagers engaged in complex ritualized mating behavior mill aimlessly around, and it is also a popular playground site for families.

Outside the Pioneer Air Museum.

Working historic gold-mine operation - there are many pieces of antique equipment left over from the Fairbanks gold-rush laying around.

Sketching pieces of the past in the Pioneer Museum, which houses a truly wonderful collection of oddities.

A couple shots of the National Historic Landmark: the restored riverboat S.S. Nenana.

This is President Warren G. Harding's rail car, which used while driving the last spike to complete the Alaska railroad in 1923.

There also happens to be some truly awe-inspiring sculptures scattered around the Salmon Bake, which if I were a small child, would traumatize me for life with deep, permanent psychological scars about Alaska. Here is a student following her muse, which in this case, requires mounting a salmon.

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