Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Editorials: Earthquake!!!

There's been a lot of relatively minor earthquake activity around the Interior the past couple weeks; no damage or anything but enough to rattle folks. One particular afternoon's round actually made me get up from the computer and go outside the cabin to yell at one of my cats (the Big Orange Butterball) to knock off thundering around the porch. Gives you an idea not only how big he is but also an indication of the architectural stability of my place.
Anyways it brought to mind a fairly recent proposal by a local developer to install a new model Toshiba nuclear reactor right outside my former community of Ester, which will go over about as well as wet dog (a rabid, wet dog), especially given the notoriously active and vocal progressive resident's track record on such issues. Once again, oftentimes an editorial cartoonist's job is remember, and resurrect issues to juxtapose against each other.

Also here's the line version and completed panel for one that wound up relegated to the dustbin: taking the same situation of the earthquake swarm and juxtaposing it against another recent local event called "The Big Pour." Authorities and representatives from various agencies and the government held a ceremony where a hundred gallons of booze was dumped out as part of an awareness campaign about the damage that bootleggers inflict upon dry Bush communities.

OK, technically the "rot-gut" wasn't entirely true, as one bottle of Patrón Añejo was included, which in my book, more than compensates for the R&R/Monarch/Budweiser.

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