Thursday, March 12, 2009

“Issues” Update + Follow-up

“There's so much comedy on television. Does that cause comedy in the streets? “ - Dick Cavett
So the newspaper hemmed & hawed over the “Guns & Religion” editorial panel I submitted a few days back, though they did run the "Ice Art" one yesterday (predictably safe, and been getting some good comments from folks on the street). The editor wasn’t to sure about linking in print that church with the group who was using their place to hold the rallies. My stance was that if they didn’t want guilt-by-association, then they simply shouldn’t host them, it's not like this is some sort of an AA meeting. It's disingenuous at best to and feign innocence; I say giving them cover is tacit endorsement – this dodging of responsibility seems to be a disturbing habit for religious groups and politicians alike. I have no problem with the constitution; what troubles me deeply is the covert game that’s being played here, and these neo-militia groups leave a trail that makes it pretty obvious should anyone care to connect the dots.
So I submitted a second panel that addresses the same issue, arguably in an even more inflammatory fashion that’ll no doubt get a rise from a few folks. The driver waving his pistol around is in pointed reference to a gang-shooting that rudely awakened our humble little town not to long ago, where some idiots went on a rampage down one of the most populated streets in Fairbanks. That’s a fine point that’ll get lost on the people who will instead rant that I’m equating responsible gun ownership with drunk driving. Personally I feel about as safe with either ticking time-bomb: there’s probably about just as many, if not way more people who are accomplished and responsible alcoholics that DWI every single day and manage to get away with it without killing someone. Until that one “bad apple” right?
Again, it ain’t about concealed carry; I know folks that do, but this is kinda like some Freudian dick-thing - you don’t need to walk around showing it off just because you got one, and if that’s your biggest priority and you can’t stop talking about it, well, then I guess this one’s for you.On the flip-side I finally maxed-out on the ol’ Sarah Palin scandal feed. She’s been like a drug to me this election cycle; I keep swearing off her and tell myself I won’t draw yet another editorial cartoon about her, but then something else always happens or she says something enlightening, and off I go. The latest gossip put me over the edge though, and I can finally admit that there are some folks who are obsessed to the point of parody. I mean, come on people, there are about a billion other, far more legitimate and serious issues with which to hold Palin responsible for. But wallowing in soap-operas is a national pastime, and the fresher it is the faster it draws flies. Actually, the more I think about this particular panel, the more I really like the ambiguity and multiple interpretations that open up on repeated viewings. Scoring that duality is always an immensely satisfying reward. There'll no doubt be more than a few friends who'll wonder if I've been converted or gone over to the Dark Side, but it's a badge of honor to duly note the non-partisan, genderless, race-free, international and timeless nature of people's general stupidity.
And now that I’ve vented a little, got that outta my system, I can get back to work on simpler fare and begin ramping up for the resumption of classes.

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  1. A quick update here; seems the Palin panel posted above got caught up a comment thread about a totally different cartoon:

    TheBigDipper 4/16/2009, 6:17 a.m.

    "When I saw the title of this letter, I immediately thought that someone was complaining about the cartoon with the ravens sitting on the dumpster, and the caption "White trash." I find that racially insensitive and insulting. If the description were altered to describe any other race but Caucasian, there would have been protests marches around the DNM building on a daily basis. And deservedly so. But it's OK to use racial slurs when making fun of the governor, at least in the DNM."

    Though they rather missed the point, it's always interesting (and amusing) provoking clueless opinions, as these things tend to reveal far more about the bias and hidden agendas of the reader...