Saturday, March 30, 2013

24 Hours of Women Cartoonists

Bumping my own panel this week to make room for a truly awesome series of posts going up over at The News Blog of Comics Culture:
"Women’s History month is wrapping up, but we at The Beat don’t feel we celebrated it properly, so for the next 24 hours most of the Beat staff is collaborating on “24 Hours of Women Cartoonists” to spotlight some of our favorite creators." 
Personally I only knew of a fraction of these folks: such a spectacular range of diversity in style and depth of talent on display. But what else would we expect of half the potential field is so woefully underrepresented, and with such a dearth of examples in syndication and comics in general?

An excellent and commendable spotlight effort which I can't wait to share with students - well worth spending some time perusing the links to individual creator pages... start with Helen Hokinson!

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