Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Invasion Has Begun...

Elodea Canadensis, or “Canadian waterweed,” is now officially the first invasive aquatic plant to start infesting Alaska. Beds of the weed were confirmed right here in Fairbanks in the Chena Slough and Chena River: botanists and ecologists are alarmed at the potential impact this could have if when it spreads and begins to affect important salmon and grayling habitat, and even hamper navigation of waterways. 
Reminds me of how putrid, horrible and abused many of the lakes around Western New York (particularly Chautauqua lake) that I grew up swimming around in are now virtually clogged with the stuff, in no small part due to massive fertilizer runoff (eutrophication).

Seemed like a good opportunity to dust off a coupla related panels…

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