Friday, November 26, 2010

Real Alaskan Artists: Guide to Brushes

A dear friend wrote me of the more practical logistics that are often overlooked and unappreciated when creating artwork in the harsh, unforgiving hinterland. Perhaps the one tool my omnipresent "studio assistants" view with trepidation & respect (besides the X-acto), as they suspect their fuzzy fates might be tied up with a custom-made, luxurious new "genuine orange tabby point" brush in the future.


  1. Sheesh, you are fast. Can I see it again in slow motion? Totally honored, delighted and thoroughly amused.

  2. Wait 'til I finish my new lint-roller customized with duct tape!

  3. At a recent crafts fair/Christmas bazaar all I could see was the cat hair that pet had carefully placed in each piece!