Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"New Styrofoam"

This weekend's panel appearing in the Sunday edition of the News-Miner
Culled from conversation one evening at the Golden Eagle, the consistently inspirational if not simply entertaining watering hole in Ester. Bartender was very proud of their cabin housekeeping in advance of visiting mom: this would be the aesthetic equal of rolling out a red carpet. 
The following morning I used the idea for my demo at the "Read Comics" gig at the public library. Served as prime example of A) how easy I can be distracted - stryrofoam being one of my better typos, and B) the fluidity of the medium, uh, the flexibility of sketching while making corrections on the fly, ah, how much one can really screw up a drawing when one isn't paying attention. There's something to be said for not abandoning anything even after making mistakes since there's usually something salvageable. Then again, nothing new for a dumpster-diver.

"Well okay then - it's a freakin' rocketship on Planet Dinosaur !"


  1. I haven't noticed them before, but I really like the way you render your spruce trees here.

  2. Thanks:
    I just use a ratty old brush w/the tip clipped off to spontaneously gesture them out.
    Kind of an homage to George Herriman (Krazy Kat) and his habit of including regionally specific details in his backgrounds using natural features.
    That said, anybody else not from Alaska and seen a "drunken forest" thinks that I don't know how to draw trees.

  3. snerk. Your mention of your typo is a typo. But your trees rock.

  4. I have to say Jamie that you're on a roll. No pun intended. Really. The past couple of months have been the best yet. As my boy says every day "Use the force."

  5. Thanks Dennis: no doubt due to all the really pressing & important things going on all around me while I hunch over either drawings or computer.
    Or, as yer kid might recognize: "I'm a leaf in the wind" (Serenity).

  6. Hope you have a better end than that quote.

  7. Probably go the Khan route...