NUGGETS Tshirts and Mugs!

I'm very pleased to offer an initial set of classic "Nuggets" available through my new Printfection storefront, which can be seen by clicking on this link here.

Officially launching a fundraising effort and introducing both a new post label - "Merchandise," along with adding on a new "Page" function to the blog as well. There will be a series of shameless posts related to these ends over the next week: please bear with me while I flog the self-promotion angle by offering a spiffy opportunity for readers, friends & fans to show some support.

Last year I started investigating print-on-demand options so as to offer some designs on tshirts and mugs. I've finally gotten around to setting up shop with a reputable company, and also been happy with the quality and durability of the test samples I ordered, plus more than satisfied with their customer service. 

More designs will be added later, but for now there are some basic options: feel free to email me or comment on any suggestions or recommendations for future ideas, and feel free to share any feedback or problems you experience.