Sunday, September 20, 2020

"Frost Heave"

Long a ubiquitous hallmark of modern subarctic civilization, these "organic speedbumps" are nature's way of reminding us to slow down a little as we careen about our daily lives at a headlong pace, not to mention exceeding your limits. Last year it got so bad around this neck of the woods it merited special mention in a panel, and this season I have been thinking about the state fair, which has plenty of situational topics ripe for ideas. I remember a long time ago during the Freeze-Frame era doing a panel about an Alaskan cowboy riding a moose bull at the rodeo (it just kinda stood there unaware of any rider, placidly chewing it's cud). I honestly never paid any attention as to whether or not there's even a mechanical bull available in the rides, but such details don't concern cartoonists.

Earlier this year a local auto repair shop posted a hilarious meme about a particularly notorious section of road out in the Goldstream Valley that everybody knows all too well. Utilizing my mad Photoshop skills I offered up a different solution to the seasonal asphalt affliction.  

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