Friday, September 4, 2020

2020 Faculty Exhibition

Insert wry observation on how going to a gallery show (on any non-opening date/1st Friday) is probably one of the safest spaces to inhabit during a pandemic. I mean, not like there’s ever going to be a crowd.

I’m not even sure for how long this annual exhibition will be up for, and it’s pretty much hit-or-miss on the gallery doors being open, but on the offhand chance you’re in this neck of the woods drop on by the art department.

2019 pieces

On a personal note, I’m always humbled and secretly amused at the incursion of cartoons into one of the most scared inner sanctums of the proverbial ivory tower, not withstanding the advent of postmodernist aesthetic sensibilities. But seriously, it’s always awesome to share the same space as some of the greatest artists in the Interior (or at least the ones who entered pieces): Da-ka-xeen Mehner, Jim Brashear, Wendy Ernst Croskrey, David Mollet, Jesse Hedden, Jason Lazarus, Teresa Shannon, and Miho Aoki.

 On a related reactionary note, I’m currently researching the work of the French illustrator Amédée de Noé - known better by his pen-name Cham - who created over 40k drawings, including this whimsical doodle of Manet “seized with a nervous breakdown the sight of independent painting."

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