Sunday, May 3, 2020

"Cold Sensitivity - By The Bucket"

 I had my doubts about this one, not on account of it being gross and disturbing, but over whether or not the brand-name was well known enough to merit mentioning. But my editor knew the reference, and that was good enough for me, especially given my propensity towards obscurity.

Can't seem to locate a copy anywhere right at the moment, but the closest thing I've ever drawn along these lines was a really early Freeze-Frame panel about a winter wet dream while wallowing face down in a giant vat of Carmex.

Chalk it up to environmental stresses contributing to another warped perspective on our everyday way of life. "Coping mechanism" would be another psychological interpretation. Good thing as of this posting the snow is beginning to melt at last, but I still have a handful more of posts milking the seasonal content for just a little bit longer.

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