Saturday, January 18, 2020

Creating Alaska: "All the 'toons that are (mostly) fit to print"

It's about Jamie Smith by the way

Last Sunday's edition of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner (worth a ) had a really, really nice profile piece done about me by a long-time favorite local critic and one of the best freelance authors in Alaska, David James. A veteran of the Ester Republic days, he had to not only sluice through a big ol' heap of cartoon tailings to get to the, ah, nuggets of the story, but also endured a couple hours of listening to me talk at him an interview that was probably not unlike succumbing to journalistic hypothermia.

In all seriousness like + follow James' pages (linkage here and here) for upcoming events. Oh and also grab a copy of the paper, as there's a bonus joke about shrinkage in the same issue that serves as an excellent example of not only Alaska class, but of why supporting local journalism is a crucial to upholding our democracy. Or hey at least I'm worth a buck-fifty a week. Most of the time.

Seems legit: We knew him when

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