Sunday, November 3, 2019

"Desert Island Beaver" + "Consumerism"

These are a couple of oldly-but-goody gags that somehow or other fell through the cracks over the past few years, languishing in the pipeline until after getting finally printed somewhere by somebody for something.

It's always prudent to have a handful of "evergreen" panels that I can shuffle into the mix on the offand chance a ho;e opens up in the production schedule. Even if I'm at my usual comfortable buffer zone of six-months worth of material primed and ready to drop, it's inevitable mistakes will happen, as does the logistics of juggling multiple deadlines for a variety of publications and clients.

Now this one was an interesting in that it definitely muddied the water between ha-ha funny cartoon and heyyy waitaminnit this is political.


  1. Political or philosophical? The idea of a foolish species ruining its own habitat should be in everyone's mind. But then again, stromalolites destroyed their own habitat merely by photosynthesis. They had a great thing going before they made so much oxygen that more complex life forms could evolve, and they themselves couldn't "breathe" as well. Kind of perfectly analogous to humans fouling the atmosphere so much that we won't be able to survive, but some other creatures will flourish.

    1. As a former philosophy major my instinct is always to point out that politics is philosophy and vice-versa. But then I reflect upon the general (sad) state of affairs in contemporary governance and realize there is absolutely no logic or even powers of self-reflection evident anymore. Hence the rise in issues and consequent breakdown of the system.
      And one current theory claims stromatolites evolved into thrombolites, which I definitely wouldn’t extend the same evolutionary potential to Homo sapiens to even rise above a clump of photosynthetic cyanobacteria.
      But you’re right, the Earth and many organisms will endure after we’re done shitting the proverbial bed.