Sunday, August 4, 2019

"Mutual Friends"

This is such a common phenomenon: a few years go by between communicating with someone via social media versus actually meeting them in meatspace and not even recognizing them. Supposedly Facebook users have an average of only a couple hundred friends, and since I long ago decided to inextricably intertwine my personal online presence with my own product, warts & all, that means there's a sizable herd of us milling about the virtual tundra.

Here's a few clippings of source material: I wound up cannibalizing my own work to a certain extent in order to grab a quick couple elements so as to place the original inks scanned directly from the sketchbook into some sort of simple environment.

This sentiment of alienation within a crowd is hand-in-glove (or hoof, as the case may be) with an earlier now-classic panel, and is a metaphor for the awareness of deep dislocation that undermines society

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