Saturday, November 3, 2018

Vote YES on ONE!

In just a few days there will be (among many others) an incredibly important issue on the ballot for Alaskan voters: the Stand For Salmon initiative.

This is not to be confused with a similarly labeled counter-movement, the so-called "Stand for Alaska" (who were accordingly fined for the deliberate deception): one quick check on that group's motives and ethics is to see what campaign signs for which political candidates are also clustered nearby.

In other words, they can be literally known by the company they keep. In this instance, the companies are out-of-state, corporate extractive industries who really couldn't care less about the environment, except when it comes to cosmetic PR.

Once the technicalities & territorial pissings were worked out (ie the state throwing up as many roadblocks - or in this case, dams - as possible to handicap the process) the fight was on to enact and strengthen protections for this critical foundation of our Alaskan way of life.

Thank you Ray Troll

Note that they've pretty much fucked it all up already in the Lower 48, and this state is in many comparative ways the literal Last Frontier for industry to plunder. In conjunction with the destructive policies of the current administration - this is where we must hold the line.

There are more than enough warning signs out there for folks to take this very, very seriously - all it takes is connecting the damn dots: from the red tide in Florida (which, exactly like Stand for Salmon, is being spun as “onerous regulation” by an “overbearing federal government”) to the worsening dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico.

Then there's the unprecedented marine mammal die-offs in New England, to catastrophic collapses in Alaska - we are well past the canary in the coal mine stage.

Citizen awareness + engagement is spreading, local nonprofits like PebbleWatch, United Tribes of Bristol Bay, Cook Inletkeeper, plus the NRDC and many other national organizations are all coalescing around this crucial campaign.

Get the facts: The Alaska Center commissioned an awesome piece with artwork by cartoonist + illustrator Lee Post - check it out here.

Follow the official Stand For Salmon Facebook page for more information. And most of all, please remember to vote on Tuesday.


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