Sunday, November 4, 2018


Ha - true story: I confess that I neither hunt nor fish, which is an indelible part of the culture of Alaska, both in terms of marketing image and simple subsistence survival for many residents. So even on the periphery you absorb so much terminology just through social osmosis. But if it wasn't for this blog sometimes, I wouldn't catch a handful of simple errors before the cartoon goes to print. This particular panel is a good example, as the appropriate, key term for fishing is "stamp," not "tag" - which is in specific reference to hunting. So while prepping this post for its future appearance on Ink & Snow, I thought it'd be prudent to hyperlink the regulation in question, and in doing so, noticed my error. A quick edit in Photoshop + pilfer of another panel for the required letters "m" and "p" was enough to correct the embarrassing oversight. Now I can resume my worrying over whether or not folks get the mythological reference instead of mixing it up with the other underwater denizen of the deep currently dominating the public's consciousness.

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