Saturday, March 17, 2018

Editorial: "She-Devil"

 This is one of the pair of pieces that appear in the final issue of The Ester Republic (on stands everywhere local now).

The trouble with many editorial cartoons is not knowing the original context, or familiarity with the issue itself. In this case it stems from a statement by a(nother) Republican candidate regarding his views on feminism. Also in this case, it doesn't really matter anyways exactly who, when or why: chances are it could be any of them at this point. Or to generalize even more, any male.

As with most cartoons of this sort, there is an ironic danger in the very real chance that the intended target of the cartoon is so goddamned stupid that the satirical nature of it will fly completely over their head.
“… But there is significant research to show that it may well be true that the best cognitive defense against Trump era falsehoods is satirical comedy. We know, for instance, that those who consume sarcasm are smarter, more creative and better at reading context. All are useful tools to process lies.”

“Satire viewers enjoy using their reflective cognitive abilities, which are effortful, typically deliberative and require working memory, over intuitive cognitive abilities, which don’t require higher order cognition.”
- The Science of Satire and Lies - Sophia A. McClennen

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