Sunday, March 11, 2018

"AK Therapy"

Another in a recent series that sprang forth undoodled directly from the brain right out all over the paper. Kinda like the birth of Athena, but bucktoothed like a beaver. So no sketches exist, which in retrospect would have given me fair warning on what a relative pain in the butt it was to render another (comparatively) elaborate composition. I did get to use it as a demo in arranging visual elements within the panel as a subliminal way to guide the viewer's gaze through the clutter, using the speech balloons, linear perspective and gradations of value to emphasize key areas. Note: See the "Plea Bargain" post for even more insight on what goes on behind the curtain.

Visual blocks, pointers, and other framing devices

Speech balloons + text as directional cues to exit point at caption

Gradation of value scheme to enhance contrast

And at the time we were going through another prolonged cold snap - even up here on the hill it hit minus twenty, which translated into thirty-below at the bottom of the road and in town. Weird thing was the lack of inversion for a stretch of time... we normally have a much greater diversity and range between the highs + lows from hilltop to valley floors. But for some mysterious meteorological reason everything flattened out and the misery was equitably shared by the general population.

Speaking of therapy, this panel graced a background shot that illustrated a perfect morning at the homestead: ground up some fresh beans for a hot mug of coffee (souvenir mug from Two Cats Cafe back in Bar Harbor btw) + a slab of homemade cheescake.
Ahh... all better now.

UPDATE: For whatever reason this particular panel decided to go (relatively) viral as far as top three all-time record on the number of shares on Facebook. Indulging in some voyeurism I peeked at some of the places + people who reposted the image and by far and away (literally) the best one had to be from a dude stationed in McMurdo Station, Antarctica:

Seeing as it's -39 today... this seems appropriate.” Also see in the comments how cool these seemingly far-flung connections can sometimes be!


  1. Holy cow. I was drinking my coffee out of that exact same mug just yesterday. My wife and I spent part of our honeymoon at Two Cats when they were still a B&B.

    1. I'm tellin' ya - living in Alaska just makes the rest of the world so much smaller... Cheers to ya!