Sunday, December 24, 2017

Safe + Happy Holidays

Everybody take care out there... it's been a really crazy semester, but at last the season's on the upswing now what with solstice lighting the way.

Lots more on the drawing board, and in the proverbial pipeline, and some more upcoming special events - for one of which this particular piece will be the tentpole for all the other exhibited works. I aim to catch up on writing some posts on the museum show, another Artist-In-Schools residency, and recapping the drawing classes, along with some sorely needed political rants.

I recently went back East for a short trip (more on that with an upcoming post), and almost ten hours of time on a plane was as inspiring as always. While in Western NY I had crashed on a kind stranger's couch for a few nights, and helped cat-sit a very friendly kitty, who started out understandably wary but eventually relented, and we shared some pleasant snuggles. My theory was that I probably smelled at first like a walrus, then a moose, and maybe at last a big ol' bear.

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