Sunday, October 1, 2017

"Now What?"

This would have been one of those comparatively rare instances where I recognized in advance that it might just be better off scanning in the doodle stage and using that instead, as opposed to meticulously rendering each & every member of the whole damn herd instead.

Also makes for a really short blog post. Especially when there's no accompanying insights or observations. That is, aside from the obvious political implications. Ah crap, I swore I wouldn't go there for once.


  1. This opens up a number of trains of thought. By culling the weak, one makes the herd stronger, requiring that the pursuers be stronger, setting a higher standard of weakness, until one or both groups reach their highest potential, at which point stability may occur, or collapse, depending on the symmetry.

    Politically, metaphor is apt if you assume that the majority of the herd is strong. Unfortunately, weakness in that realm can be -- and has been -- carefully cultivated to create a dependency in the prey themselves. They're domesticated.

    From an artistic standpoint, the idea is an "oh shit" scenario. "Now I have to draw all this."

    1. I've increasingly looked at the whole mismanagement of ecosystems on a statewide level as essentially an open-air supermarket: arguably the concept of "wild" no longer applies at such extensively manipulated levels re: efforts of predator control. Not to mention the impact of "sport hunting" on the entire dynamic which literally targets the opposite end of the spectrum, destabilizing any pretense of stability or symmetry.
      And yeah, the political metaphor... "oh shit" moments pretty much every day now...