Saturday, October 14, 2017

24 Hour Comics Day 2017 (In Absentia) + "PSilence"

Last weekend I got up extra extra early, grabbed a box o' donuts, energy drinks + bfast sammiches and snuck over to the ongoing annual 24 Hour Comics Day event, hosted once again by the local Comic Shop. Since there was just a relative handful of hours left I only managed to pencil out a few new panels in the sketchbook, transcribed from scribbled notes shoved into the omnipresent man-purse. Also worked up the above-posted page: recently been thinking of a new series of one-pagers that play around with silent letters (ie "dummy letters" in this specific instance).

As I was teaching and up on campus for a ten-hour stint on Saturday I really missed out on reconnecting with friends & folks, most of whom had succumbed to exhaustion long before I showed up. Mikaela (Capricious Caribou), Chaweinta (Do All Your Thinking In This Box), Tara (Tara & BunBun) and Hannah (The Daily Delilah) were the finalists still on-site right up to the bitter end. Two outta twenty-two successfully made the challenge - but, as always, everybody was a winner by just participating for however long they could.

Here's a backlink to a previous post recapping last year's event, and a landing page with linkage to other years is here.

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