Sunday, September 10, 2017


You never have to leave your own little patch of ground to get ideas. Not to mention many times they're right in front of your face, or in this case, on your face.

Worth noting here on this particular panel an aspect of inking that I do so dearly love: first, there’s two stages in the tactile qualities of drawing: the physicality of the act and sensations (sight, sound and scent). Then there’s the satisfaction inherent with the finished object, which you wouldn't normally think of with a printed image. Running ones fingertips across the raised line of the more thicker brands of dried (that's important natch) India inks that sit up on top of the paper is a lingering caress in fond remembrance of the creative act.


  1. Love the way you photographed that ink. I can practically feel it under my fingertips.

  2. Thanks - And in my case, I quite often do (whoops)