Sunday, August 6, 2017

"Refrigerator Lichen" (aka "Do Like Caribou Do")

Here I pushed myself to consciously and deliberately maintain a visual buffer zone between elements in the foreground and the surrounding clutter. Or, you can extend that as a metaphor for what happens while working away in the studio versus the constant, omnipresent waves of reality and accompanying responsibilities that lap against your attention hen trying to tap into creative endeavors.

That the workflow process is always broken (see also Top Post on the subject) makes it paradoxically easier to "work" ie doodle and sketch while out and about. Though to be sure, so does the lifelong skill at just ignoring shit. Anyways, I interrupt myself more than anybody else ever could, which means the brain tends to squirrel off in a billion different directions. That's an asset when it comes to inculcating the habit of daydreaming.

And on that note, here's a rare, behind the scenes glimpse at the palette + tools of the stay-at-home working artist.

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