Sunday, April 2, 2017

"Boiling Water" + "Insulative Properties" + "Arctic Air Mass"

It's a cartoon catch-up triple-header today: three bonus panels that have run just in time before the demise of winter. Or at least the end of 1) really cold temperatures (beyond the usual) and 2) lots of snowfall (above-average).

I always get a real kick out of so-called "spring break," as it ain't either for me - mostly consumed with catch-up in the studio. There'll be a couplefew more cartoons left in the pipeline that will have white stuff involved (aside from white-out natch). Not quite time for mosquito gags or tundra fires yet - soon enough.


  1. April 1's gag gift to my part of New England was 10 inches of snow. Some places reported up to 19 inches. Fortunately, the sanity of spring sunshine reduced the 10 to 5 or 6 by the end of the next day, and sizzled it down further on Monday. Today they threatened us with another 3-6, but we've gotten rain instead. Snow that falls this late isn't good for anything anyway. It's basically just white mud.

    1. "White mud"+ black ice = a study in contrasts.